Mas Mandatos

You've unlocked the upgrade to 10 more commands!

Felicitaciones!  You have leveled up on using Spanish in the home!  In this course, you will receive an additional ten commands to use in your home starting as early as HOY! 

In this course you will have two videos:  Morning routines and Dinner time.  These videos are presented in the same way as the free commands lesson:  you will have a brief introduction, the commands in written form, the commands in verbal form and a real-life example with my very own Bilingual Brown Babies!



"The bite-sized chunks for the commands are so helpful for our busy household!"

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Kami Anderson
Kami Anderson
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About the instructor

Dr. Kami Anderson has over 15 years of experience with language and culture. She published in both English and Spanish and taught Spanish in the public school system. As the founder of Bilingual Brown Babies Dr. Anderson ensures a quality immersive environment so your child can learn to function in two langauges

What's included?

2 Videos
1 Multimedia
2 Texts