You've always wanted to use Spanish in your home.  The hard part was figuring out where to start.  Look no further!  This Spanish Basics course will give you: the Spanish alphabet, family members, body parts and colors in order for you to start using Spanish with your family right away and every day!

Give yourself patience as you practice using these words.  Some may be familiar, some may be brand new, but all will get you that much closer to becoming a bilingual household!  Use them every day as often as you can so that they become natural to you!

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About the instructor

Instructor Title

Kami Anderson

Dr. Kami Anderson has over 15 years of experience with language and culture. She published in both English and Spanish and taught Spanish in the public school system. As the founder of Bilingual Brown Babies Dr. Anderson ensures a quality immersive environment so your child can learn to function in two langauges

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    For the Parents

    • Welcome! Start Here (running time 1 minute, 49 secs)

    • Pronunciation Guide

  • 2

    El Analfabeto

    • The Spanish Alphabet (running time 1 minute, 3 secs)

  • 3

    Los colores

    • Colors lesson v4.pdf

    • Colors lesson v4

  • 4

    La Familia

    • La familia (running time approx 1 minute, 19 secs)

  • 5

    El Cuerpo

    • El cuerpo (running time 2 minutes, 30 secs)

  • 6


    • Por la manana

    • A la cena

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